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We are a casual gaming community that shares a passion of playing games with friends. Come join the fun!

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Join some of our personally crafted servers that are built around the community and their feedback to create a safe and enjoyabling gaming experience.


Factions is a casual SMP server that cultivates friendships, encourages players to express their creativity, cooperating in PvE events, and connect with other players in their faction. We are proud of the positive community that we have created and we hope you enjoy it too!


Although currently the Pixelmon server is in development and not open to the public, we are happy to announce our latest expansion into the pixelmon world bringing our love of pokemon, into minecraft and we hope you enjoy it too!

Coming Soon...

We are looking to expand our network into different games, however we have a few projects lined up that are secret.... shhh..... dont tell anyone!



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Open Position